Malas, Malas, Malas


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Malas – powerful tools for transformation.


As I work on getting the website complete I thought at least I can start posting and sharing crystal tips and insights. So let’s explore the Mala – prayer beads.

Most of us a familiar with Rosary beads and really the Mala is simply another form used by Yogis comprising of 108 wooden beads plus a guru/sumeru (teacher) bead.  A mala is used in a type of meditation called Japa where a mantra (affirmation) is said on each bead.  The progression through the beads helps to still the mind and a beautifully simple reason (there are many others) for the 108 beads is that we have 108 nadis, or energy lines, running through the heart.  So our mantra and progression through the strand of beads is connecting us to our heart chakra, balancing the prana (life force) in the body and radiating the sacred sound of the mantra through our whole being.  And if it so happens that your Mala is designed with crystals then their energy will enhance and vibrate through you too.

Many of the Malas I am asked to make are for very specific reasons: illness, change of direction in life, relationships, a power piece for healing work, or simply to support.

Yes – they are wonderful meditational tools and when we combine the crystal energies they are so much more than that:

  • talismans
  • protectors
  • healers
  • environment enhancers
  • circles of comfort, support, energy, guidance, wisdom, happiness, joy, love
  • and many, many more attributes.

My Malas have their own special place in my home and workspace.  I’ll wear them when I need a certain ones energy, place it on my yoga mat, by my side as I write or design jewellery.  Sometimes one is needed for a client coming for a healing.  Maybe to be placed on the client during the healing session, under the table,  or simply to be in the space itself is enough.

When they are not in use?

Some hang around a Buddha, others lay with a crystal on a deck of oracle cards, charge with Selenite or a Clear Quartz cluster. Their energies can then enhance the space that they are in and they are always at hand if I want to work with them, or simply just hold them. My husband decided one I had just made was his and he likes to keep it in the car.  Does he meditate with it … no but he treasures it and that’s enough.

The slideshow above is of my Malas at rest 🙂

Each Mala I make has an intention and is unique.  Even though I know the attributes of each crystal chosen it nevers ceases to amaze me that when reviewing the combinations of crystals afterwards – how there is a much deeper layer to crystals healing properties.

Our Mala/Beading days are a wonderful way to watch the process in action.  Participants design and create their own Malas -beautiful crystal combinations – the crystals glow and they glow.  The energy of their Malas all the more special as they have created something unique and sacred to them.  Our next one is Sunday 28 February 11.00 – 4.00pm $50 plus cost of your chosen beads.  A wonderful investment in yourself and you get to take home something beautiful.  Email me if you would like to attend:

Love your Mala – it will love you back 🙂  Annie