Stair Spread – Finding Now


Time to explore crystal grids, oracle cards, essential oils and the magic of all the elements blending together to tell a story.

Following is a spread from one of our Friday morning classes at Whispered Secrets Yoga – a mellow end of the week session. Let’s see if I can guide you through the steps!  It is a new process for me to write everything out – I am too used to just whipping around everyone and giving a quick overview of each persons’ cards. So I hope it will all make sense and enable you to repeat the layout with your own decks and crystals.


The Stair Spread from The Fairies Oracle by Brian Froud.  

1. First step is to set individual sacred space with crystals by creating a crystal grid.  I have introduced the Crystal Grid Oracle by Nicola McIntosh cards into class – each person draws from the deck and has their own visual grid to create from crystals around the studio.  Other crystals of choice can be included also if desired. I have drawn for todays’ post:

32 Balance Shaman Stones – balance, dissolving blockages, alignment.


I have placed Apache Tears around my Shaman Stones and used delightful sparkly Columbian Clear Quartz points around them.  As my arrow point I have used a Smoky Quartz Tabby point.  If you don’t have any of these crystals – you can still create the grid with ones you do have.  It’s a great way to bond with your crystals and they love being worked with :).

We then charge the grid by brushing off the hands over the crystals – kind of like when you are dusting off your hands in a chopping action. Do that around your aura too.  Or, simply do something that works for you: incense, singing bowl for example.

2. Next step – choose any deck of your choice.  I have used Lumina Tarot by Lauren Aletta (Inner Hue) for todays’ spread. Shuffle them and choose four cards from anywhere in the deck and place them face down creating a stair formation and then turn the rest of the deck over to reveal the bottom card (a habit of mine – the bottom card always seems to be significant).  Your choice as to whether you work with reversed cards or not.


3.  Using your non-dominant hand (left hand if you’re right handed and vice versa) and scan the palm of your hand over the cards.  You are looking for the NOW card – the one that “pulls” or gives you the strongest sensation: it could be heat or tingling. Turn it over.  For this reading when I scanned the cards the third one – the Fox, 10 of Wands came up as the Now or Present –  therefore the first 2 cards will be past and the final card what is ahead. Reveal the remaining cards.

If the end card is your Now then what’s ahead is not for you to know at this point in time. And if your Now is the first card – the past is the past and so cannot be changed. Time to look forward.


4. If you like you can add another layer to the reading.  I have chosen Middia Lenormand by Klara Spalinska.  The Lenormand cards are very direct and can really ‘cut to the chase’ – traditionally they are read in twos or more but when I mix with other decks I find one suffices. I will read each card in relation to the card above it.  You could use any other deck of your choice if you wish – or leave this bit out.


Ok ….. time to put it all together.  What do all those cards mean?  I will write as though I am reading for ‘you’…..

The Fox is the Now card.  The 10 of Wands tells me that you’ve done well and built up something substantial. Look at Fox he’s amassed a good pile of sticks that he now has to protect. Rewards gained also mean responsibilities and these can become a burden. Time to delegate.

Let’s see what bought Fox to this point. The 4 of Pentacles as the first step (past) shows a good solid foundation – Pentacles represents material wealth and stability.  The 7 of Swords tells me that something unexpected has happened, perhaps even betrayal, that has caught you off guard. Hence the burdens of Fox – you made it through and not without effort.

The future is looking good however because we have a Major Arcana card – The Magician.  When these show up – take note.  They are big life events and the Magician tells me you have all the skills and means at your disposal to manifest and create what you desire.  It is a powerful card – no need to doubt your abilities – you’ve got this. It’s a number 1 too – new starts and big energy.

Remember I mentioned that the card at the bottom of the deck is significant – 3 of Pentacles.  Growth and development and in co-operation with others and new life beginning. Good news for our Fox – 10 of Wands who needs to delegate and get help. 10 marks the end of a cycle.

Let us take a look at the Lenormand cards:

2 Clover (lucky) under the 4 of Pentacles shows a stroke of luck and linked with the 4 of Pentacles.  You’ve been fortunate with money and business. Had a lucky start maybe, or connection with someone.

6 Clouds (confusion) comes with the 7 of Swords which re-enforce that something unexpected happened, you were caught off guard and maybe taken advantage of which caused confusion and upset.

22 Path (options & choices) with Fox 10 of Wands – time to review your options and to change tack before your burdens get the better of you.

5 Tree (health, family, growth, development) with Magician – you are in a position to establish something worthwhile.  Taking on a new project which will do well and stand the test of time.  A tree also takes time to grow – slow and steady.

8 Mountain (obstacles, challenges) with 3 Pentacles – the Mountain means that the going may not be easy and it is going to take some perseverance.  The 3 of Pentacles is a positive card and maybe creative thinking/team work will be called for to get you to the top.  The Magician tells me you’ll do it.

One more layer to add:

I tossed 3 dice and rolled: 2 & 3 & 5


Together they add up to 10 – it is an completion of a cycle and the start of a new one. Our Fox is also a number 10 – he is heading into a new cycle.

Coincidentally – 2019 is the beginning of  a new 10 year cycle: 2+0+1+9 = 12 which equals 3.  Time to plan, create and start to sow seeds for where you would like to be in 10 years time.  It’s not a fast, do it all now (remember the mountain and tree – this is a long term plan). Start to build the foundations.  Somehow we are back to our 4 of Pentacles!

Our dice roll of 10 is made of:

2 – partnership, balance & co-operation and new connections coming into your life.

3 – the creative number- building and creating.  Taking a more creative approach and bringing in new elements.

5 – change.  Something significant is about to change.  This might be a challenge for you but the Universe does have your back.  We do not always see the bigger picture. It is a time to trust that all will be well and that you will be guided through the process.

I drew a card from The Faerie Oracle to summarise the reading.  It was number 32 Iris of the Rainbow. This may be a time of darkness (Fox burdened) but Iris says that there is something to be gained from passage through a storm (The dice throw 5).  The deadwood can be cleared away and room made for new shoots to grow.  Her message: the storm is breaking up and questions “Are you ready for the change?”  What can you release?

Interesting to note that the Crystal Grid Card is also 32.  There is a common thread of 3’s and 2’s which come up in the dice: 3+2 =5 also.  Remember the 5 indicates change which may not be what you expected – trust in Spirit and your Guides is called for.  This is the end of a cycle for you (number 10) and the beginning of a new one.

Finally we come to our Essential Oils – Oracle of the Essences


Black Pepper – what destructive patterns do you harbour – what can you change? Black Pepper gives us courage to confront our fears and to transform as things need to change to get better.

Cardamon – Fairness and Equality- work through frustrations.  It may have been tough.  Cardamon aids with nervous exhaustion, will power and inspiration.  Think outside the box, change your perspective and re-ignite your flame.

Overall I’d say the spread indicates a change that starts with you. Time to reassess your goals and situation and move forward with confidence.  The Magician represents your ability to achieve a goal and create new beginnings. A good omen for when you need to think outside the box to create and start new projects.  You are approaching a period where things will seem to fall into place – your efforts will yield results.

If you have stumbled across this page – this reading could strike a cord.  Go well x

Oms n Light