Body, Mind, Spirit Spread


Welcome back to another card/crystal play.  I thought it would be good to continue with a spread where we scan with our hand to tell us the positions of the cards.

Today we are using a simple crystal grid, Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall, The Oracle of Essences, The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson and crystals.

Step One is to create our grid with 4 x Clear Quartz points and one Flourite octahedron. The pattern is  in the shape of Elhaz, the rune of Protection, which brings in Spiritual Guidance and allows it to flow into our lives.


In the middle is a Green Flourite Octahedron with flecks of purple.  Flourite inspires and helps us to create structure.  Green Flourite will connect us to our heart chakra and will balance and ground our energies.  Think of the octhedron as 2 pyramids united – the universal and earth consciousnesses connecting at the heart.

Clear Quartz is a master crystal bringing clarity and focus.

Next take the deck of cards you are choosing to work with and shuffle them.  Choose 3 cards from anywhere in the deck and lay them face down on the table.  Once again we will turn the remaining cards over to reveal the card at the bottom of the deck for further insight to the spread.


With your non-dominant hand scan the 3 cards you selected – you are sensing for the card which will represent the Message from your Body.  This will be the card with the strongest pull or sensation and place this bottom left position of the grid.  This will be the  bottom left corner of our triangle around the grid.

Next scan for the card to represent the Message from your Spirit – this will be the card that gives a very light, ethereal sensation/tingling.  We will place this card at the top of our triangle – above the grid.  The card remaining will represent the Message from your Mind and this we place at the bottom right of our triangle.




Below the triangle place the rest of the deck and reveal the bottom card. We have created a diamond. This card is the message for How to move forward.

To add another layer to the cards – let’s add some crystals. I have a selection in a box which I solely use for divination purposes.  Make up your own divination set with tumble stones which you can place in a box or pouch. It’s a great way to get to know your crystals and to add more insight to your readings.


With eyes closed randomly chose a crystal for each card.  This is what came up for todays’ reading: Body – Unakite. Mind – Goldstone. Spirit – Labradorite.  Way Forward – Carnelian.



What essential oil is appropriate for the spread? I chose from the Oracle of Essences Deck and got Melaleuca.

The Linestrider Tarot card was again to add further insight.  You could choose a card from any other deck that you may have.  Shuffle your deck and randomly choose a card.

All laid out ….. so what does it all mean with the cards we have here?


Message from BodyNew Experiences and Possibilities coupled with the Unakite crystal. The card shows a Lady on a horse and with an abundance of flowers and fauna around her.  In the distance a large stately manor resides.  The number of the card is 18 (1+8=9). 9 is a number signifying an ending of a cycle – the last number before the 10 (completion). When 9’s appear it is time to trust in a bigger plan – it is time to trust our spiritual beliefs.  So new doorways are opening on a physical/material level because this is a message from the Body.  Look at new ways you can manifest and create a healthier, happier you – maybe a new type of physical activity, taking time for yourself, simply enjoying being outdoors, or changing the way you earn a living.

Unakite is a stone of unification where we marry what we love with what we do.  Heart and Will combine and together create balance and harmony.  The card states to look for subtle messages and Unakite tells us to look for hidden meanings in messages received.  Both tell us we are in control – time to plant some seeds.

Message from Mind – Be Your Best Self Always coupled with the Goldstone crystal.  This pictures a mermaid on a seahorse – serene and happy.  The card number is 24 (2+4=6).  6 is number of harmony, balance, love – 6 is a great space to be in.  So question – are you in the best space you could be, in a place that brings emotional happiness?

Is your mind ruling over what would truely make you happy?  The card is about not settling for less than you deserve and coupled with a sparkling Goldstone says there is no need to settle for second best.  A positive stone reflecting brilliance and energy – saying ‘shine your light’.  You have what you need to create and achieve – don’t doubt it.

Message from Spirit – Open Your Heart coupled with a Labradorite crystal.  The card shows an image of a lady wrapped in the arms of a swan.  The card number 10 – 10 as we saw earlier is completion – the end of a cycle and the beginning of another.  The number 1 is new energy – something new is beginning, or about to.  Alana Fairchild in her book Messages in the Numbers describes the 0 as the Divine adding its’ own big personal stamp to the number and making it a super-charged 1!  The card reminds us that love is the truth of our world, environment and nature. Eternal unconditional love is there for all – we must open ourselves to it and allow it to flow in.

Labradorite is mystical, magical, heightens intuition and our ability to connected to higher consciousness.  It is a protective stone. I relate this crystal to the World card in the Tarot which indicates completion, achievement and fulfillment. We are ready to step out and embrace something new.

The Way Forward – Make a Decision coupled with a Carnelian crystal.  We have reached our final card – the one that was at the bottom of the deck.  There is definitely a theme running through the cards – you are at the cusp of transforming your life.  This card is very direct – make a decision.  The image shows a person with her arms extended out like wings.  One arm depicts nature with flowers, spirits, animals and birds – you have on a material level what you need. The other side depicts Egyptian symbols – ancient wisdom. For me this indicates that you have the knowledge and wisdom you need.

Now is the time to act – you have all the tools necessary to create and manifest. If you have recently met with failure -you can turn it around.  The card number is 11 (1+1 double one)  – when multiple ones appear the Universe is saying pay attention.  0 is a leap of Faith – 1 is ‘I’ve got this’.

Carnelian is a stone of action, having that fire in the belly that drives you forward.  A stone of confidence and independent action.  A time not to under-value yourself, or accept second-best treatment. It is a stone of personal happiness and fulfilment. You can achieve anything if you believe in your unique talents and follow your personal goals rather than those set by others (brings us back to meaning of the card for the Mind). Carnelian tells us not fear failure – every action is a learning experience and adds to our store of wisdom.

Isn’t it amazing how the crystals (picked randomly) tie in so beautifully with the cards!

Three of Swords – reflects the fact that we have decisions to make.  3 swords is the heartbreak card.  We must acknowledge that we have to say goodbye to some aspect of our life – deep down we do know that it is the right course of action. It is time to move forward.

Melaleuca – states that it is time to clear your circle of friends, respect yourself and create a new environment which resonates more with who you are.  An essential oil for protecting your boundaries.

In conclusion this is a reading to make you question where you are now and your journey to this point. It may well be that you have been sitting on the fence for awhile and going with status quo, or you are already considering other options but are hesitant.

New opportunities are coming your way and there is no need to doubt your ability. The hardest step is quite often the decision – once made – you have opened the door to the new flow of energy.  Believe and Know that you can do this. The cards are showing a positive “Yes” to change. One that will be fulfilling on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.  You are being given the green light 🙂

Try doing this spread with your deck of cards – I’d love to hear how you got on.

Oms n Light