Keys of Wisdom Spread


Here is an example of a quick spread using my self published Keys of Wisdom Oracle Deck.   I wanted to know what to be aware of this week and as I am currently enjoying Brian Frouds’ Faerie Oracle – I thought I would ask the Faeries what their thoughts on the matter were.

I shuffled the deck and randomly took 3 cards placing them on a page in Brian Frouds’ Book – The World of Faerie.  A must have book if you are in to fairytales x

Cards are:

5 – Black Tourmaline

11 – Just

18 – Mystery

Shadow Card: 8 – Inner Strength. The Shadow Card is the card that is at the bottom of the deck after shuffling. It adds more insight to the reading and an underlying message.


I then shuffled The Faerie Oracle Deck and randomly chose a card and got 6 The Singer of Connection.

I love the fluid way of reading that a Lenormand approach to cards has and so will that will guide my interpretation and phrasing.

Black Tourmaline says stay strong, protect  yourself and do not allow others to deplete your energy.  It is linked to the Wisdom card which reflects our moral and spiritual beliefs – know what is right. Trust your own moral compass. Black Tourmaline deflects negative energy and enables us to stay true to our light when circumstances challenge.  It is very grounding and so helps us to earth our energy and not get so much into that crazy headspace.

Just is about balance and right cause of action.  In Tarot imagery is important.  In this image the tree is mirrored in the lake reminding us that what we put out is what we receive.  It is crisp and clear and that is how we must be.  Decisions made are because they are right and just.  Our personal desires and ego must be put aside.  When this card appears decisions may have to made and solutions decided. If you are waiting for an outcome – this is usually favourable – the right course of action will be taken.

Mystery and the energy of the moon reminds us of be aware of undercurrents and not to take everything at face value. Trust your intuition – hold back on binding decisions.  Check your paperwork. The moon is a card of cycles too and a cycle is in progress here.  Allow yourself time to reflect on any decisions (Just) with all information to hand so that you can weigh things up fully.

The Shadow card Inner Strength – for me this card is saying ‘Don’t lose your cool’.  This is not a week to force issues – it is time to be strong and calm.  The Just card is really about Karma and the scales being bought into balance. Inner Strength is about strength of character – slow and steady wins the race. Coupled with Black Tourmaline a time to stand your ground and quietly get on the week. With Mystery thrown in the mix you may not have all the facts you need right now – so there is no need to act in haste.

Faerie card Singer of Connection sums up the reading beautifully. A card of Spiritual connection linking us to Black Tourmaline grounding our spiritual energies. Karma and Balance bringing us to Just and reminding us to be aware of the connections between different aspects of an issue in question. See both sides. And finally The Singer is about Empathy – the connection and web of light between all beings, particles – past, present and future. The Moon reflects our emotions, our sensitivities and our connection to the unseen and what lies beneath. The Singer reminds us that all connections are made, held and released. In other words – everything has its time or cycle.

In conclusion – you may find this a week of grappling thoughts around existing relationships or commitments that are possibly coming to their natural conclusion. It may well be something that has been hinting at you for awhile and now is pushing its’ way to the fore. Rather than rush your way through any decisions – take time for reflection.  Then decide your best way forward.

Hari Om Tat Sat 

4 thoughts on “Keys of Wisdom Spread

  1. Such a beautiful spread Annie .Loving the fairies with the combination of your own special deck, a great insight as to how to handle things that are cropping up at the moment.Everything looks so alive and sparkly must be those Fairies. How could you not believe in Fairies after seeing this spread!


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