You have arrived at Whispered Weaves – the sister site to Whispered Secrets (https://whisperedsecretsyoga.com). Here you will find all the magical things we explore at Whispered Secrets Yoga and Healing Centre where crystals, oracle cards, essential oils all play a part of the yoga, meditation sessions and workshops.

This site was originally a platform for Yoga Inspired Jewellery that I make and that will still be part of the site.  The studio has evolved over the years into a sanctuary where people learn to develop their intuition, discover the healing benefits of crystals and essential oils in an environment that is supportive, non-judgemental and nurturing.  It feels appropriate to offer the site as a resource of information.  For my students and clients they will be able to look up spreads, crystal layouts, or topics that have been part of the sessions.  It also allows others to tap into the knowledge shared too.  As I learn I love to share and so much wisdom comes from sharing in a group setting.

The site does needs some updating – so please bare with me as I get the ball rolling.  I hope we see you again and you follow the journey.

Oms n Light


Breathe – Be – Blessed

Bracelets, Malas (prayer beads), pendants, talismans are weaved with crystals – our powerful allies from Mother Earth.  Gifts of Love and Light that will heal, calm, ground, energise and comfort.

Sacred Pieces for Sacred Moments

Annie Van Den Bergh is the founder of  Whispered Weaves and has worked with crystals in both her yoga and healing practice for many years.  Annie works intuitively with the crystal beings and her spirit guides for each item of jewellery which is then charged and blessed.

High quality gemstones are sourced for all our pieces – enjoy browsing the shop.

Perhaps you would like a design made up with a different combination of crystals?

Crystals weave their energies to create specific synergies of healing properties.  Maybe it’s big life changes, recovering from an illness, courage to stand your ground, a need to create sacred space and time for yourself – Love, Happiness, Peace…….

There will be a perfect combination of crystals for you.  Feel free to contact Annie: Email: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com

Oms n Crystal Blessings




“Never go anywhere without my mala! It’s even been blessed by a monk in Bali. Makes me feel strong, grounded, energised, helps me through any illness and extra long yin poses….priceless! “

Suzi Jones

I am proud owner of two beautiful 108 crystal malas lovingly made by Annie. My oldest “friend” is clear quartz, garnet & citrine giving me grounding and clarity in meditation. Before long I was taking it to bed with me and wearing it to work… I didn’t want to leave it behind !
My “Intuition mala” has aqua aura, dolphin labradorite, ameythst & moonstone crystals with a quartz point and I fell in love with it instantly. It brings a serene, uplifting energy when I have it with me, it glows and I’m sure I do too .
These pieces create in me an expanse energy and stronger connection to life.
🙏🏻 Karn


















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