Keys of Wisdom Spread


Here is an example of a quick spread using my self published Keys of Wisdom Oracle Deck.   I wanted to know what to be aware of this week and as I am currently enjoying Brian Frouds’ Faerie Oracle – I thought I would ask the Faeries what their thoughts on the matter were.

I shuffled the deck and randomly took 3 cards placing them on a page in Brian Frouds’ Book – The World of Faerie.  A must have book if you are in to fairytales x

Cards are:

5 – Black Tourmaline

11 – Just

18 – Mystery

Shadow Card: 8 – Inner Strength. The Shadow Card is the card that is at the bottom of the deck after shuffling. It adds more insight to the reading and an underlying message.


I then shuffled The Faerie Oracle Deck and randomly chose a card and got 6 The Singer of Connection.

I love the fluid way of reading that a Lenormand approach to cards has and so will that will guide my interpretation and phrasing.

Black Tourmaline says stay strong, protect  yourself and do not allow others to deplete your energy.  It is linked to the Wisdom card which reflects our moral and spiritual beliefs – know what is right. Trust your own moral compass. Black Tourmaline deflects negative energy and enables us to stay true to our light when circumstances challenge.  It is very grounding and so helps us to earth our energy and not get so much into that crazy headspace.

Just is about balance and right cause of action.  In Tarot imagery is important.  In this image the tree is mirrored in the lake reminding us that what we put out is what we receive.  It is crisp and clear and that is how we must be.  Decisions made are because they are right and just.  Our personal desires and ego must be put aside.  When this card appears decisions may have to made and solutions decided. If you are waiting for an outcome – this is usually favourable – the right course of action will be taken.

Mystery and the energy of the moon reminds us of be aware of undercurrents and not to take everything at face value. Trust your intuition – hold back on binding decisions.  Check your paperwork. The moon is a card of cycles too and a cycle is in progress here.  Allow yourself time to reflect on any decisions (Just) with all information to hand so that you can weigh things up fully.

The Shadow card Inner Strength – for me this card is saying ‘Don’t lose your cool’.  This is not a week to force issues – it is time to be strong and calm.  The Just card is really about Karma and the scales being bought into balance. Inner Strength is about strength of character – slow and steady wins the race. Coupled with Black Tourmaline a time to stand your ground and quietly get on the week. With Mystery thrown in the mix you may not have all the facts you need right now – so there is no need to act in haste.

Faerie card Singer of Connection sums up the reading beautifully. A card of Spiritual connection linking us to Black Tourmaline grounding our spiritual energies. Karma and Balance bringing us to Just and reminding us to be aware of the connections between different aspects of an issue in question. See both sides. And finally The Singer is about Empathy – the connection and web of light between all beings, particles – past, present and future. The Moon reflects our emotions, our sensitivities and our connection to the unseen and what lies beneath. The Singer reminds us that all connections are made, held and released. In other words – everything has its time or cycle.

In conclusion – you may find this a week of grappling thoughts around existing relationships or commitments that are possibly coming to their natural conclusion. It may well be something that has been hinting at you for awhile and now is pushing its’ way to the fore. Rather than rush your way through any decisions – take time for reflection.  Then decide your best way forward.

Hari Om Tat Sat 

Body, Mind, Spirit Spread


Welcome back to another card/crystal play.  I thought it would be good to continue with a spread where we scan with our hand to tell us the positions of the cards.

Today we are using a simple crystal grid, Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall, The Oracle of Essences, The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson and crystals.

Step One is to create our grid with 4 x Clear Quartz points and one Flourite octahedron. The pattern is  in the shape of Elhaz, the rune of Protection, which brings in Spiritual Guidance and allows it to flow into our lives.


In the middle is a Green Flourite Octahedron with flecks of purple.  Flourite inspires and helps us to create structure.  Green Flourite will connect us to our heart chakra and will balance and ground our energies.  Think of the octhedron as 2 pyramids united – the universal and earth consciousnesses connecting at the heart.

Clear Quartz is a master crystal bringing clarity and focus.

Next take the deck of cards you are choosing to work with and shuffle them.  Choose 3 cards from anywhere in the deck and lay them face down on the table.  Once again we will turn the remaining cards over to reveal the card at the bottom of the deck for further insight to the spread.


With your non-dominant hand scan the 3 cards you selected – you are sensing for the card which will represent the Message from your Body.  This will be the card with the strongest pull or sensation and place this bottom left position of the grid.  This will be the  bottom left corner of our triangle around the grid.

Next scan for the card to represent the Message from your Spirit – this will be the card that gives a very light, ethereal sensation/tingling.  We will place this card at the top of our triangle – above the grid.  The card remaining will represent the Message from your Mind and this we place at the bottom right of our triangle.




Below the triangle place the rest of the deck and reveal the bottom card. We have created a diamond. This card is the message for How to move forward.

To add another layer to the cards – let’s add some crystals. I have a selection in a box which I solely use for divination purposes.  Make up your own divination set with tumble stones which you can place in a box or pouch. It’s a great way to get to know your crystals and to add more insight to your readings.


With eyes closed randomly chose a crystal for each card.  This is what came up for todays’ reading: Body – Unakite. Mind – Goldstone. Spirit – Labradorite.  Way Forward – Carnelian.



What essential oil is appropriate for the spread? I chose from the Oracle of Essences Deck and got Melaleuca.

The Linestrider Tarot card was again to add further insight.  You could choose a card from any other deck that you may have.  Shuffle your deck and randomly choose a card.

All laid out ….. so what does it all mean with the cards we have here?


Message from BodyNew Experiences and Possibilities coupled with the Unakite crystal. The card shows a Lady on a horse and with an abundance of flowers and fauna around her.  In the distance a large stately manor resides.  The number of the card is 18 (1+8=9). 9 is a number signifying an ending of a cycle – the last number before the 10 (completion). When 9’s appear it is time to trust in a bigger plan – it is time to trust our spiritual beliefs.  So new doorways are opening on a physical/material level because this is a message from the Body.  Look at new ways you can manifest and create a healthier, happier you – maybe a new type of physical activity, taking time for yourself, simply enjoying being outdoors, or changing the way you earn a living.

Unakite is a stone of unification where we marry what we love with what we do.  Heart and Will combine and together create balance and harmony.  The card states to look for subtle messages and Unakite tells us to look for hidden meanings in messages received.  Both tell us we are in control – time to plant some seeds.

Message from Mind – Be Your Best Self Always coupled with the Goldstone crystal.  This pictures a mermaid on a seahorse – serene and happy.  The card number is 24 (2+4=6).  6 is number of harmony, balance, love – 6 is a great space to be in.  So question – are you in the best space you could be, in a place that brings emotional happiness?

Is your mind ruling over what would truely make you happy?  The card is about not settling for less than you deserve and coupled with a sparkling Goldstone says there is no need to settle for second best.  A positive stone reflecting brilliance and energy – saying ‘shine your light’.  You have what you need to create and achieve – don’t doubt it.

Message from Spirit – Open Your Heart coupled with a Labradorite crystal.  The card shows an image of a lady wrapped in the arms of a swan.  The card number 10 – 10 as we saw earlier is completion – the end of a cycle and the beginning of another.  The number 1 is new energy – something new is beginning, or about to.  Alana Fairchild in her book Messages in the Numbers describes the 0 as the Divine adding its’ own big personal stamp to the number and making it a super-charged 1!  The card reminds us that love is the truth of our world, environment and nature. Eternal unconditional love is there for all – we must open ourselves to it and allow it to flow in.

Labradorite is mystical, magical, heightens intuition and our ability to connected to higher consciousness.  It is a protective stone. I relate this crystal to the World card in the Tarot which indicates completion, achievement and fulfillment. We are ready to step out and embrace something new.

The Way Forward – Make a Decision coupled with a Carnelian crystal.  We have reached our final card – the one that was at the bottom of the deck.  There is definitely a theme running through the cards – you are at the cusp of transforming your life.  This card is very direct – make a decision.  The image shows a person with her arms extended out like wings.  One arm depicts nature with flowers, spirits, animals and birds – you have on a material level what you need. The other side depicts Egyptian symbols – ancient wisdom. For me this indicates that you have the knowledge and wisdom you need.

Now is the time to act – you have all the tools necessary to create and manifest. If you have recently met with failure -you can turn it around.  The card number is 11 (1+1 double one)  – when multiple ones appear the Universe is saying pay attention.  0 is a leap of Faith – 1 is ‘I’ve got this’.

Carnelian is a stone of action, having that fire in the belly that drives you forward.  A stone of confidence and independent action.  A time not to under-value yourself, or accept second-best treatment. It is a stone of personal happiness and fulfilment. You can achieve anything if you believe in your unique talents and follow your personal goals rather than those set by others (brings us back to meaning of the card for the Mind). Carnelian tells us not fear failure – every action is a learning experience and adds to our store of wisdom.

Isn’t it amazing how the crystals (picked randomly) tie in so beautifully with the cards!

Three of Swords – reflects the fact that we have decisions to make.  3 swords is the heartbreak card.  We must acknowledge that we have to say goodbye to some aspect of our life – deep down we do know that it is the right course of action. It is time to move forward.

Melaleuca – states that it is time to clear your circle of friends, respect yourself and create a new environment which resonates more with who you are.  An essential oil for protecting your boundaries.

In conclusion this is a reading to make you question where you are now and your journey to this point. It may well be that you have been sitting on the fence for awhile and going with status quo, or you are already considering other options but are hesitant.

New opportunities are coming your way and there is no need to doubt your ability. The hardest step is quite often the decision – once made – you have opened the door to the new flow of energy.  Believe and Know that you can do this. The cards are showing a positive “Yes” to change. One that will be fulfilling on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.  You are being given the green light 🙂

Try doing this spread with your deck of cards – I’d love to hear how you got on.

Oms n Light




Stair Spread – Finding Now


Time to explore crystal grids, oracle cards, essential oils and the magic of all the elements blending together to tell a story.

Following is a spread from one of our Friday morning classes at Whispered Secrets Yoga – a mellow end of the week session. Let’s see if I can guide you through the steps!  It is a new process for me to write everything out – I am too used to just whipping around everyone and giving a quick overview of each persons’ cards. So I hope it will all make sense and enable you to repeat the layout with your own decks and crystals.


The Stair Spread from The Fairies Oracle by Brian Froud.  

1. First step is to set individual sacred space with crystals by creating a crystal grid.  I have introduced the Crystal Grid Oracle by Nicola McIntosh cards into class – each person draws from the deck and has their own visual grid to create from crystals around the studio.  Other crystals of choice can be included also if desired. I have drawn for todays’ post:

32 Balance Shaman Stones – balance, dissolving blockages, alignment.


I have placed Apache Tears around my Shaman Stones and used delightful sparkly Columbian Clear Quartz points around them.  As my arrow point I have used a Smoky Quartz Tabby point.  If you don’t have any of these crystals – you can still create the grid with ones you do have.  It’s a great way to bond with your crystals and they love being worked with :).

We then charge the grid by brushing off the hands over the crystals – kind of like when you are dusting off your hands in a chopping action. Do that around your aura too.  Or, simply do something that works for you: incense, singing bowl for example.

2. Next step – choose any deck of your choice.  I have used Lumina Tarot by Lauren Aletta (Inner Hue) for todays’ spread. Shuffle them and choose four cards from anywhere in the deck and place them face down creating a stair formation and then turn the rest of the deck over to reveal the bottom card (a habit of mine – the bottom card always seems to be significant).  Your choice as to whether you work with reversed cards or not.


3.  Using your non-dominant hand (left hand if you’re right handed and vice versa) and scan the palm of your hand over the cards.  You are looking for the NOW card – the one that “pulls” or gives you the strongest sensation: it could be heat or tingling. Turn it over.  For this reading when I scanned the cards the third one – the Fox, 10 of Wands came up as the Now or Present –  therefore the first 2 cards will be past and the final card what is ahead. Reveal the remaining cards.

If the end card is your Now then what’s ahead is not for you to know at this point in time. And if your Now is the first card – the past is the past and so cannot be changed. Time to look forward.


4. If you like you can add another layer to the reading.  I have chosen Middia Lenormand by Klara Spalinska.  The Lenormand cards are very direct and can really ‘cut to the chase’ – traditionally they are read in twos or more but when I mix with other decks I find one suffices. I will read each card in relation to the card above it.  You could use any other deck of your choice if you wish – or leave this bit out.


Ok ….. time to put it all together.  What do all those cards mean?  I will write as though I am reading for ‘you’…..

The Fox is the Now card.  The 10 of Wands tells me that you’ve done well and built up something substantial. Look at Fox he’s amassed a good pile of sticks that he now has to protect. Rewards gained also mean responsibilities and these can become a burden. Time to delegate.

Let’s see what bought Fox to this point. The 4 of Pentacles as the first step (past) shows a good solid foundation – Pentacles represents material wealth and stability.  The 7 of Swords tells me that something unexpected has happened, perhaps even betrayal, that has caught you off guard. Hence the burdens of Fox – you made it through and not without effort.

The future is looking good however because we have a Major Arcana card – The Magician.  When these show up – take note.  They are big life events and the Magician tells me you have all the skills and means at your disposal to manifest and create what you desire.  It is a powerful card – no need to doubt your abilities – you’ve got this. It’s a number 1 too – new starts and big energy.

Remember I mentioned that the card at the bottom of the deck is significant – 3 of Pentacles.  Growth and development and in co-operation with others and new life beginning. Good news for our Fox – 10 of Wands who needs to delegate and get help. 10 marks the end of a cycle.

Let us take a look at the Lenormand cards:

2 Clover (lucky) under the 4 of Pentacles shows a stroke of luck and linked with the 4 of Pentacles.  You’ve been fortunate with money and business. Had a lucky start maybe, or connection with someone.

6 Clouds (confusion) comes with the 7 of Swords which re-enforce that something unexpected happened, you were caught off guard and maybe taken advantage of which caused confusion and upset.

22 Path (options & choices) with Fox 10 of Wands – time to review your options and to change tack before your burdens get the better of you.

5 Tree (health, family, growth, development) with Magician – you are in a position to establish something worthwhile.  Taking on a new project which will do well and stand the test of time.  A tree also takes time to grow – slow and steady.

8 Mountain (obstacles, challenges) with 3 Pentacles – the Mountain means that the going may not be easy and it is going to take some perseverance.  The 3 of Pentacles is a positive card and maybe creative thinking/team work will be called for to get you to the top.  The Magician tells me you’ll do it.

One more layer to add:

I tossed 3 dice and rolled: 2 & 3 & 5


Together they add up to 10 – it is an completion of a cycle and the start of a new one. Our Fox is also a number 10 – he is heading into a new cycle.

Coincidentally – 2019 is the beginning of  a new 10 year cycle: 2+0+1+9 = 12 which equals 3.  Time to plan, create and start to sow seeds for where you would like to be in 10 years time.  It’s not a fast, do it all now (remember the mountain and tree – this is a long term plan). Start to build the foundations.  Somehow we are back to our 4 of Pentacles!

Our dice roll of 10 is made of:

2 – partnership, balance & co-operation and new connections coming into your life.

3 – the creative number- building and creating.  Taking a more creative approach and bringing in new elements.

5 – change.  Something significant is about to change.  This might be a challenge for you but the Universe does have your back.  We do not always see the bigger picture. It is a time to trust that all will be well and that you will be guided through the process.

I drew a card from The Faerie Oracle to summarise the reading.  It was number 32 Iris of the Rainbow. This may be a time of darkness (Fox burdened) but Iris says that there is something to be gained from passage through a storm (The dice throw 5).  The deadwood can be cleared away and room made for new shoots to grow.  Her message: the storm is breaking up and questions “Are you ready for the change?”  What can you release?

Interesting to note that the Crystal Grid Card is also 32.  There is a common thread of 3’s and 2’s which come up in the dice: 3+2 =5 also.  Remember the 5 indicates change which may not be what you expected – trust in Spirit and your Guides is called for.  This is the end of a cycle for you (number 10) and the beginning of a new one.

Finally we come to our Essential Oils – Oracle of the Essences


Black Pepper – what destructive patterns do you harbour – what can you change? Black Pepper gives us courage to confront our fears and to transform as things need to change to get better.

Cardamon – Fairness and Equality- work through frustrations.  It may have been tough.  Cardamon aids with nervous exhaustion, will power and inspiration.  Think outside the box, change your perspective and re-ignite your flame.

Overall I’d say the spread indicates a change that starts with you. Time to reassess your goals and situation and move forward with confidence.  The Magician represents your ability to achieve a goal and create new beginnings. A good omen for when you need to think outside the box to create and start new projects.  You are approaching a period where things will seem to fall into place – your efforts will yield results.

If you have stumbled across this page – this reading could strike a cord.  Go well x

Oms n Light











Mini Malas and Mala Practice

Ocean Jasper Mini Mala

Malas – garland of beads – are traditionally made with 108 beads plus a Guru/Sumeru bead or Master bead which is usually larger marking the beginning and end of the mala.   Malas are made in multiples of 9 which is a mystic number – any number multiplied by 9 will total a number whose digits add up to 9: such as 27, 54, 63 beads etc.  I have even made  270 bead malas.

These wonderful palm sized Mini Malas consist of 27 beads plus a Guru bead and are the perfect companion.  Pocket sized for your hand bag (or pocket :)) and wonderful to wind around your fingers – the focal bead rests beautifully in the palm.  Let your fingers play and move over the soft, smooth surface of the gemstones – connecting you to their healing energies and your intention.

I love to wrap mine once around my middle finger and stroke the beads.  When I am walking with Shadow (my dog) I can loop it over my middle finger and thumb my way through mentally adding a mantra if I wish.  The size makes it very easy to move from bead to bead.

The Mini Mala is practical, easy to use and keep with you so that you can have the energy of your mala with you throughout your day. It will also encourage you to pause for Meditation – 27 mantras are much easier to get your head around and yet still profound.


What direction do I move through the beads ?


Your starting point is the bead next to the Guru bead.  Some teachers will say that you must always move the bead away from you and other sources that you must pull the bead toward you.

As with most things in life – decide what intuitively feels right for you.  For me it is the intention behind what you are doing which is important.  For example; as I move a bead away from me I think of releasing/letting go of what I no longer need – allowing space for positive energy or the intention of my mantra to come in.  As I pull a bead to me I am drawing in new prana and the intention of my mantra.

Everyone agreeds that as you arrive back at the Guru bead – go back the way you came. So your next round will begin at the 108 bead by turning the mala around, or thumbing back. Out of respect the Guru (Master) bead is not crossed – it is said to store all the power of your recitations.

Thomas Ashley-Farrand in his book Mantra Meditation (an excellent read btw) suggests the following method:

Firstly allow your mala to drape over the middle, ring and little fingers – these fingers are said to represent the three qualities of nature: positive, negative and neutral.

The thumb and first finger are free.  Begin at the south of the Guru bead with your thumb on the first bead, say your mantra and then thumb the bead away from you.

The index finger represents the ego and so this is extended away throughout the process.

When your thumb arrives on the next bead – repeat your mantra – thumb the bead away.  The thumb represents the  God/Divine and that is why only the thumb moves through the beads.

Continue until you arrive back at the north side of your Guru bead.  You may finish your meditation here, or, if you decide to complete another round simply thumb the beads back towards you and making your return back to the Guru bead again.

I love this method as you get to move your mala in both directions.  I hope you are inspired on the Mala Mantra journey – I’d love your to hear your comments.


We have Mini Malas in the shop and you can always have one customed made – or, make your own at one of our Bead, Macrame, Knot Workshops.  Oms Annie

Change your Karma with the Power of Sacred Sound”  –  Thomas Ashley-Farrand




Malas, Malas, Malas


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Malas – powerful tools for transformation.


As I work on getting the website complete I thought at least I can start posting and sharing crystal tips and insights. So let’s explore the Mala – prayer beads.

Most of us a familiar with Rosary beads and really the Mala is simply another form used by Yogis comprising of 108 wooden beads plus a guru/sumeru (teacher) bead.  A mala is used in a type of meditation called Japa where a mantra (affirmation) is said on each bead.  The progression through the beads helps to still the mind and a beautifully simple reason (there are many others) for the 108 beads is that we have 108 nadis, or energy lines, running through the heart.  So our mantra and progression through the strand of beads is connecting us to our heart chakra, balancing the prana (life force) in the body and radiating the sacred sound of the mantra through our whole being.  And if it so happens that your Mala is designed with crystals then their energy will enhance and vibrate through you too.

Many of the Malas I am asked to make are for very specific reasons: illness, change of direction in life, relationships, a power piece for healing work, or simply to support.

Yes – they are wonderful meditational tools and when we combine the crystal energies they are so much more than that:

  • talismans
  • protectors
  • healers
  • environment enhancers
  • circles of comfort, support, energy, guidance, wisdom, happiness, joy, love
  • and many, many more attributes.

My Malas have their own special place in my home and workspace.  I’ll wear them when I need a certain ones energy, place it on my yoga mat, by my side as I write or design jewellery.  Sometimes one is needed for a client coming for a healing.  Maybe to be placed on the client during the healing session, under the table,  or simply to be in the space itself is enough.

When they are not in use?

Some hang around a Buddha, others lay with a crystal on a deck of oracle cards, charge with Selenite or a Clear Quartz cluster. Their energies can then enhance the space that they are in and they are always at hand if I want to work with them, or simply just hold them. My husband decided one I had just made was his and he likes to keep it in the car.  Does he meditate with it … no but he treasures it and that’s enough.

The slideshow above is of my Malas at rest 🙂

Each Mala I make has an intention and is unique.  Even though I know the attributes of each crystal chosen it nevers ceases to amaze me that when reviewing the combinations of crystals afterwards – how there is a much deeper layer to crystals healing properties.

Our Mala/Beading days are a wonderful way to watch the process in action.  Participants design and create their own Malas -beautiful crystal combinations – the crystals glow and they glow.  The energy of their Malas all the more special as they have created something unique and sacred to them.  Our next one is Sunday 28 February 11.00 – 4.00pm $50 plus cost of your chosen beads.  A wonderful investment in yourself and you get to take home something beautiful.  Email me if you would like to attend:

Love your Mala – it will love you back 🙂  Annie


Why Crystals ?


I love to have crystals around me – they make me happy:) Over the years I have discovered their personalities and their habit of getting my attention as they know I’ll need that particular crystals’ energy in my day.

Recently a student stopped to ask a few questions after the yoga class and as we spoke a specific Smoky Quartz piece kept popping into my head  so I went to get it.  Having found it, I  then thought I would check them all out but couldn’t find them – that was the piece and as I handed it to her  I couldn’t help but smile. It had found its’ new guardian where it’s energies would be needed.

Delving into the world of crystals is magical.  There are crystals to support the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do you need to know or believe in them for their energies to work?    No…..they quietly do their thing.

I have a Smoky  Quartz piece sitting by the front door of my yoga studio – photo on the left.


It has a job (they love working by the way!) and that is as my doorkeeper.  Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy into positive. It’s role at the door is to clear people’s baggage as they come in and for them to leave it outside.  It protects the tranquility of the centre. And it does just that!!  And of course there are many other aspects to Smoky – pain relief, releases stress, grounds, nurtures and protects. It’s good for stabilising the emotions and even good for kidneys stones.  The darker the colour the more light it brings in.  Justin Moikeha Asar states: Smoky Quartz

“encourages us to let go of our past and continue our journey forward, focused, with a thirst for life and the changes that it offers, without getting pulled off course by the smaller complexities.”   (Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar).

The photo on the right is our Smoky Quartz to ground and anchor the home which is lit up from behind to show its beautiful interior.

And some more ideas for creating crystal ambience to enhance and admire in your home or workspace.

Have some fun 🙂  Annie.