Why Crystals ?


I love to have crystals around me – they make me happy:) Over the years I have discovered their personalities and their habit of getting my attention as they know I’ll need that particular crystals’ energy in my day.

Recently a student stopped to ask a few questions after the yoga class and as we spoke a specific Smoky Quartz piece kept popping into my head  so I went to get it.  Having found it, I  then thought I would check them all out but couldn’t find them – that was the piece and as I handed it to her  I couldn’t help but smile. It had found its’ new guardian where it’s energies would be needed.

Delving into the world of crystals is magical.  There are crystals to support the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do you need to know or believe in them for their energies to work?    No…..they quietly do their thing.

I have a Smoky  Quartz piece sitting by the front door of my yoga studio – photo on the left.


It has a job (they love working by the way!) and that is as my doorkeeper.  Smoky Quartz transmutes negative energy into positive. It’s role at the door is to clear people’s baggage as they come in and for them to leave it outside.  It protects the tranquility of the centre. And it does just that!!  And of course there are many other aspects to Smoky – pain relief, releases stress, grounds, nurtures and protects. It’s good for stabilising the emotions and even good for kidneys stones.  The darker the colour the more light it brings in.  Justin Moikeha Asar states: Smoky Quartz

“encourages us to let go of our past and continue our journey forward, focused, with a thirst for life and the changes that it offers, without getting pulled off course by the smaller complexities.”   (Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar).

The photo on the right is our Smoky Quartz to ground and anchor the home which is lit up from behind to show its beautiful interior.

And some more ideas for creating crystal ambience to enhance and admire in your home or workspace.

Have some fun 🙂  Annie.