Nurture your Soul, Heal & Restore your Body with Malas.

Most of us a familiar with Rosary beads and really the Mala is simply another form used by Yogis comprising of 108 wooden beads plus a guru/sumeru (teacher) bead. A mala is used in a type of meditation called Japa where a mantra (affirmation) is said on each bead. The progression through the beads helps to still the mind and a beautifully simple reason (there are many others) for the 108 beads is that we have 108 nadis, or energy lines, running through the heart. So our mantra and progression through the strand of beads is connecting us to our heart chakra, balancing the prana (life force) in the body and radiating the sacred sound of the mantra through our whole being. And if it so happens that your Mala is designed with crystals then their energy will enhance and vibrate through you too.

Malas are powerful tools for transformation

Many of the Malas I am asked to make are for very specific reasons: illness, change of direction in life, relationships, a power piece for healing work, or simply to support.

Yes – they are wonderful meditational tools and when we combine the crystal energies they are so much more than that:

environment enhancers
circles of comfort, support, energy, guidance, wisdom, happiness, joy, love
and many, many more attributes.

My Malas have their own special place in my home and workspace. I’ll wear them when I need a certain ones energy, place it on my yoga mat, by my side as I write or design jewellery. Sometimes one is needed for a client coming for a healing. Maybe to be placed on the client during the healing session, under the table, or simply to be in the space itself is enough.

When they are not in use?

Some hang around a Buddha, others lay with a crystal, on a deck of oracle cards, charge with Selenite or a Clear Quartz cluster. Their energies can then enhance the space that they are in and they are always at hand if I want to work with them, or simply just hold them. My husband decided one I had just made was his and he likes to keep it in the car. Does he meditate with it? … no! but he treasures it and that’s enough.

Crystal Weave Malas are uniquely weaved with their own personal story and combination of crystals – made with love, intent and dedication.

I can create similar malas to designs here – however it does depend on whether the crystals can be sourced and sometimes the crystals themselves have a way of saying “This is how we would like to be arranged”- it is as though they know their final destination and who will be needing their particular blend of energies.

The whole process behind each of these Limited Edition Malas – is quite Magical !

New Beginnings Mala           NZ $220.00. SOLD
New Beginnings Mala – Turquoise exudes joy, wellbeing and wholeness offering protection as you step forward into new beginnings with confidence. Moss Agate liberates us from pressure and stress bringing recovery, inspiration, trust and hope.  We can begin anew again…..and again.

[caption id="attachment_246" align="alignleft" width="171"]image I am Renewed Mala  NZ $220.00 

I am Renewed Mala – beautiful Greenstone recharges the body, brings in abundance and healing.  Smoky Quartz grounds, protects and de-stresses and Prehnite is an emotional cleanse -opening the heart and brings joy.

I am Aware Mala   NZ $280.00 SOLD

I am Aware Mala – Dumortierite brings peace, order and expression.  Acting on the third eye it enhances and opens up psychic abilities.  Helps one connect with Spirit Guides and Angels.  Excellent for peaceful mindfulness, or meditation.  Brings mental clarity, order and lift depression.  Shiva is the God of the yogis – Shiva stands for letting go.  As the old is released – new opportunities can flow into our lives.  Calm, peaceful and knowing.

Harmony Mala  NZ $220.00

Harmony Mala – Botswana Agate says breathe and no need to react as she instills a cool, calm collectedness.  Gentle Rose Quartz nurtures and allows the heart to open while Amethyst brings balance and harmony on all levels.  This Mala says everything is as it should be and so pause, breathe and take time to appreciate where you are at.

Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Healing Mala           NZ $350.00 SOLD

Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Healing is the gift of this Mala. As one of the Temple Range this Mala is dedicated to Isis – the Goddess of Healing. Let the wings of the Divine Mother enfold, protect and heal. Let her whisper to your Soul and guide you on your Souls’ journey. The ankh is an ancient symbol of protection. Rose Quartz brings you unconditional love, Rainbow Moonstone nurtures and guides into the mysteries within. Lapis Lazuli opens your third eye chakra and connects you to the Divine. Larimar soft and gentle brings deep peace and serenity. A beautiful Mala for Sacred Space and made with high grade crystals – she adorns the shop and is ready to connect to her new guardian. Namaste 🙏

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