Oracle Cards

Keys of Wisdom

by Annie Van Den Bergh (Whispered Secrets)



An Oracle Deck based on the 22 Major Arcana cards of Tarot with 22 crystal cards numbered to match their corresponding tarot card.  The meanings of the cards are on the back of each card – making it easy to interpret your layout.  Get to understand crystals and tarot at the same time…. magical x


Sized to be small and easy to shuffle and on good quality card.  The deck comes in a handy tin to protect them if you want to take your cards out and about.

There are 3 cards explaining how to use your deck including a quick reference for each cards associated crystal.

How to use the deck

Create some sacred space – sit quietly with the cards in your hands.  Breathe gently into them and exchange energies.

Shuffle the deck and if your have a question – think of it now.  Randomly choose a card.  Note the number on the card and find its’ corresponding number.  You now have a two card reading – giving you a layered reading.

I also like to note the card at the bottom on the shuffled deck as this also will bear some relevance to your question.  Again find its’ matching number.  Now you have a 4 card reading.

Feel free to explore other spreads and layouts.  Another favourite spread of mine is to shuffle the cards and randomly choose 3 from the deck.  Placing them in order from left to right.

I then take the remaining cards and turn the pack over to reveal the bottom card.

Then I add together the numbers of the first 3 cards and break the number down to arrive at a number from 0 – 22 and take that card out of the cards to reveal the underlying energy of the reading.

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